Best of the Festival Winners BEST FILM of the FESTIVAL: Forever 27 - Dir. by Nicole Pott (UK) 1st RUNNER UP for BEST FILM: Stained Canvas - Dir. by Jayne Slater (UK) 2nd RUNNER UP for BEST FILM: The Boy and The Mountain - Dir. by Santiago Aguilera and Gabriel Monreal (Chile) BEST DIRECTOR of the FESTIVAL: Joffre Faria Silva - Being Brave (Canada) BEST WRITER of the FESTIVAL: Bella Maori - Ugly - Dir. by Bella Maori and Alyse Riley (USA) BEST ACTOR of the FESTIVAL: Washington Kirk - Ride to

Award of Recognition – December 2021

Albi Neziri, irizen productions (Switzerland), Consequences, Film Short (Student) Alfonso Otero (Mexico), Fan 666, Film Short Angel Baltasar (Spain), THE SUBMERGED VOICE, Experimental Angela Eames (United Kingdom), FLUX | MELTDOWN …not a moment to spare, Experimental Barbara G. Grant (USA), When the Government Lied: Waco’s Infrared Deception, Educational / Instructional / Training Bella Maori and Alyse Riley (USA), Ugly, Television – Pilot Program Benjamin J. Young (USA), Maw of Delu

New TV show “Ugly” unmasks the ugly face of colorism in Hollywood

New TV show “Ugly” unmasks the ugly face of colorism in Hollywood “Ugly” series pilot screening at New Vibe Studios in Los Angeles California December 5, 2021. Staring cast from left to right: Shon Evans, Shani Hamilton, Ziggy Edwards, Bella Maori, Deon Sams. Photo by Sanjay Gupta. Hollywood may have embraced diversity in the last couple of years, but prejudice against darker-skinned people of the same race has endured. When casting racial minorities, it’s not about the color of a person’s skin,

Bella Maori ‘s new film,”UGLY”, unveils the racial shaming concept called colorism -Are blacks’ careers and opportunities being stifled by Hollywood via skin tone, degree of darkness?

Bella Maori, Producer, actress, model, writer, scholar, BELLA MAORI’S FILM “UGLY, CHALLENGES THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, aesthetics—-the unpopular ” pink elephant in the Room”, dynamic— which not only stifles black peoples’ opportunities but also, most IMPORTANTLY, darker blacks lives, and in addition, via her rather timely movie pilot “Ugly”, Maori, The former Ms. Black Upland California, puts the spotlight on HOLLYWOOD and its perceptions, proclivities and racially “shaming”perspectives” ; Why

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